Manni Bothans died to bring you this Rogue One post. [spoiler free]

Tell you what, folks. I didn’t love The Force Awakens, but Rogue One gives me A New Hope for what’s to come.

Bad puns aside, I really enjoyed this instalment. I know that Awakens was a huge nostalgia fest, a very blatant homage – and a means to drive the story forward while also reawakening (eh? eh?) our love for the series – and I liked it, but…  I just didn’t love it.

It was a visual feast, and I’m stoked for what it represents, but I got little more out of it than that.

Rogue One, though. Wow! So gritty, and dramatic. An almost Platoon-like feel to it. 

I really dug the characters, and I thought the ending was also very tasteful.

Did we know how the film was going to end? Of course. There’s no surprises to be had (sorry, is that a spoiler?), but as a side story, I thought it was spectacular.

Tell me your thoughts below!

Some comments from friends, thus far:

And a hat tip to my friend, Kev, for this piece of gold: “What if ‘many Bothans died to bring us these plans’ just meant some guy named Manni Bothans died…”


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