Mike’s likes, vol 2

First thing’s first, what the hell how have I never heard of or seen the ‘feather star‘.

Apparently it’s not common to see them getting around like this, with them usually attached to coral or rocks instead.  And, judging by this image search, they come in an astonishing array of colours and styles.

Moving on to things I can more immediately deal with, Creative Review has made its 2011 list of the 20 all-time top logos available in one place online, and I can’t argue with a single one of its selections. I mean, how could I possibly?

creative review - top 20 logos of all time.png

Reflecting on my brief ‘review ‘ of Rogue One, this write-up at Pajiba is even better and it hits the jawa on the head.

“I’ll never stop chasing you – I’m relentless, I’m like the Terminator… You’re more like Sarah Connor, and in the first movie too, before she could do chin-ups.” – Paula (Rachel House), Hunt For the Wilderpeople.

Just one of the awesome film quotes listed on Pajiba’s The Best Lines from Movies in 2016. (Hunt For the Wilderpeople is excellent, btw.)

These… these Christmas jumps are real. They exist. And you should buy one.

2016-12-18 19_28_55-Ugliest Christmas sweaters on Earth!.png

According to The World Happiness Report (yep, it’s a thing, see this PDF), the Danes are the shiniest folks in the ‘verse.

Why? That’s a question Denmark’s culture minister, Bertel Haarder, put to the people. Some 2500 suggestions came in from more than 300,000 people, and the culture ministry pared it down to 20 envy-inspiring reasons.

I love this one: Trust: “The Danish culture of trust is based on an expectation that one’s fellow citizens and public institutions are reliable.”

Although, without having looked into it, I wonder… does the item below suggest Denmark doesn’t have many immigrants?

The Danish language: “Danish is the mother tongue of more than 90 percent of the population in Denmark. Language is not just a communication tool; it is a culture bearer.”

Benedetto Bufalino‘s disco cement mixer.



I haven’t been feeling much Adidas stuff lately, but these two are mighty right.


This 3D-printed winner is a limited edition, so I’ll probably never get my hands on ’em. Do damn want though.


These, on the other hand – the Tubular Invader – is gettable. They’re even on sale right now, in fact…

We’re starting to see more and more (potential) rivals to the Tesla brand in the electric vehicle stakes. Some, like Faraday Future, appear to be in trouble already, but I remain hopeful. After all, competition is good!

This latest challenger, the Air by Lucid Motors, looks pretty slick. I wrote about it here.


This video, The Future of Cities, is making the rounds. I’m only just now getting around to it, and damn it’s enlightening. And I say that as a motoring journalist.

If you haven’t seen it, set aside 20 minutes and tune in. (And no, you won’t find Australia in this video. We’re not among the countries doing big, clever, sustainability-focused shit with our cities.)


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