Surface Laptop: Microsoft does Apple

I’m mostly sharing this because that cover of the Grease classic You’re the one that I want is just epic. 

But also, wow, who knew Microsoft could do so pretty, so well?

That said, the Surface tablets and Surface Book are all pretty handsome in their own right.

Sure, the Laptop (what a dull name, damn) looks like a MacBook. Credit to Apple for putting us all on a better plane of design, but still.

2017-05-03 08_06_46-Surface Laptop – Performance Made Personal.png

That Alcantara surface looks mighty nice. Wonder if it’ll shine up, though… I guess Surface tablet owners will already know the answer to that, since that’s where it was first used.

I think this also marks the debut of Windows 10 S, some sort of Google Chromebook competitor with an online focus.

US-market pricing and specs are below. Australian pricing still to come

The i7 units look like powerhouses, I could probably replace my XPS15 9550 with one of those down the road. A bit disappointing they only come in the one colour, though.

2017-05-03 08_04_04-Surface Laptop – Performance Made Personal2017-05-03 08_04_13-Surface Laptop – Performance Made Personal

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