My 10 fave YouTube users and channels


Ever since I signed up for YouTube Red, it’s made sense I should, you know, watch more YouTube. Very clever, YouTube… you got me good.

So, I’ve now established some fave YouTubers and YouTube channels! This is by no means an exhaustive list, but check ’em out, you might dig.

CollegeHumor. Pretty crass at times, and they like to end their videos on an often gross, over-the-top high, but overall a pretty funny comedy group that really nails those real-life feels.

NewRetroWave. I still don’t quite understand how, but the ’80s synth era is back in vogue, and there are so many channels promoting the movement. NRW is a really big profile for this scene, and well worth a listen. Really good background tunes.

Vox. Really high-quality consumer-friendly documentary shorts, ranging from around 2 to 10 minutes in length. Some shorter, some longer. Great on-screen graphics, great narration, really easy to digest.

MKBHD. This one is super nerdy. Marques Brownlee is a tech ‘tuber, reviewing the latest consumer gadgets. Usually phones, but often speakers and headphones and the like. His reviews are in-depth and the production quality is super high, so even if you’re not into tech, he’s the one to check out when you’re considering a new phone.

Docs Channel. I’m obsessed with documentaries (aren’t we all, really?), and Docs Channel is a great place to get heaps of them in one place. They’re mostly all ripped from the TV, and many of them are old, but there’s… something cool about that!

Dr Alan Brown. This is another documentary channel, but specifically for fans of modern European and British history. Its focus is mainly the 20th century, but there’s so damn much you didn’t know about the 20th century. That’s, like, my home century.

Fuel Tank. My friend Luke does some amazing video work to complement his exceptional magazines, Fuel and Tank Moto. Check it out.

FitnessBlender. My commitment to health and fitness is usually pretty poor, but these guys do some pretty amazing work and they’re a go-to when I do work up the energy for a workout. (Is that a catch-22 or what!) All of their videos are free, so I presume they make all their money off YouTube advertising. You can also search for workout types on their site.

Binging with Babish. Pronounced bin-jing, like a binge, y’know! Babish combines his love of TV and cinema with his passion for food, making meals inspired by or based on scenes from favourite films and shows. That’s not all he does, but damn it’s fun.! This is my own channel. Well, it’s my employer’s channel. So, I’m partly pimping it, and partly sharing because I’m damn proud of the work we do.


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