Mike Does Life: A podcast about dream jobs

Wow, this has really been a ‘slow but steady’ project – often slower than steady, to be honest.

My friends know that I’m small-time famous for saying I’m going to launch this or that project, going on about it for a week, and then quietly dropping it in a fit of exhaustion (y’all know it’s already hard enough to juggle parenting with a career), commitment problems and a short attention span.

Still, I’ve always wanted to launch a podcast. Indeed, I had one in the very early days of podcasting with my good friend Kev (@milligna), but we eventually became the right combination of time-poor and lazy, and eventually dropped it. Podcasting was harder in those days and, in fairness, I did leave most of the heavy lifting to Kev.

But, here I am, ready to try again. This time, rather than the nerdy chats we enjoyed on The Geeks of Hazzard, I’m launching an interview show. I’ll be chatting with people who are living the lives I wish were mine: that is, the careers I wish were mine, or have wished for in years gone by.

From architects to astronauts, actors to animators, cooks to cops, firefighters to flight attendants, race car drivers to radio presents… and everything in between.

What will that sound like? It’s hard to say until I’ve recorded my first episode, but you can hear a little ‘trailer’ and the show’s intro music right here on my Soundcloud page.

But, damn it’s hard. The first potential guest I approached is a game developer that works for one of the big global studios and, although he was keen, he had to decline the invitation because of strict media exposure rules that apply to the company’s staff.

Struggle the first

So, obstacle number one: people being either unable or unwilling to talk too much about what they do.

And, after all, too many restrictions on the conversation could lead to a less than entertaining show.

Struggle the second

Obstacle number two, is time and energy. I have two children and a full-time job in media, which means I work an unhealthy number of hours (like a lot of folk these days) and when I’m not doing that, I’m being an engaged parent or I’m writing the night off with some TV or a book.

I’ve got to do it, though. The way I see it, any thought you keep coming back to is a thought you need to address. If I don’t have a proper go at launching a podcast, let alone all of the other projects I want to launch into some day, I’m going to spend a lot of my life feeling I didn’t accomplish as much as I could have.

I hope you’ll stick with me through this one! I’ve got a lot to learn, and I plan to share it all with you here.

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