Mike Does Life: A podcast about dream jobs

Wow, this has really been a ‘slow but steady’ project – often slower than steady, to be honest. Continue reading


Vincent Mahé, The stunning and rather awesome art of


If you aren’t already enamoured with Paris-based artist Vincent Mahé, or ‘Mr Bidon’ (which, as a cyclist, I know to be French for water bottle (well, roughly)), that’s about to change. It ought to, anyway.

Mahé doesn’t offer many details on himself directly, although his body of work shows he is clearly inspired by nature, architecture, and all that inhabits both.

His editorial work in particular, especially those created for The New Yorker, are just exceptional.

Take a look at a selection of his work below, and check out his Behance folio hereContinue reading

Preview: Mass Effect Andromeda

I’m not much of a gamer, but as a big science-fiction fan, I do get a bit of a kick out of these preview videos.

One of the neat things about gaming in the online era is, once a game has been out for a while, you can usually find all the ‘cut scenes’ (the fully animated interstitial story moments) stitched together to form something of a movie. Like this Mass Effect video, for example.

Manni Bothans died to bring you this Rogue One post. [spoiler free]

Tell you what, folks. I didn’t love The Force Awakens, but Rogue One gives me A New Hope for what’s to come.

Bad puns aside, I really enjoyed this instalment. I know that Awakens was a huge nostalgia fest, a very blatant homage – and a means to drive the story forward while also reawakening (eh? eh?) our love for the series – and I liked it, but…  I just didn’t love it.

It was a visual feast, and I’m stoked for what it represents, but I got little more out of it than that.

Rogue One, though. Wow! So gritty, and dramatic. An almost Platoon-like feel to it.  Continue reading